Thursday Thoughts: 2/15/18

Lack of Peaces

I can’t share until I know

I can’t be a devotional soul until I know

I can’t align with the words until you see how I spell

Until you know how I read

I can’t make priorities out of attractions

Not until I know

I need to know that you know

You have to know how I ache

How I hollow out when the circumstances overwhelm my system

You have to know my sadness and what it looks like

Because for me it camouflages in plain sight

You have to know the battles I fight to lose

You have to know I want to play to win

You have to know the real me

We have to know we deserve it

We have to know harmonies

We have to know how to lose time

And we have to know when to rob each other blind

For our emotions

For our sanity

This is all stuff I don’t know

This is all stuff that I want to know

I’m for me right now and I know it’s wrong to the degree in which I embody it

I don’t want me all to myself

I know I want only the pieces back when they get all strung out

I want to know what strung out is with your pieces in my hand knowing my work will never do your purest form justice

We can play so much

With all my pieces

But I won’t share until I know

I didn’t know I can’t share

And I don’t know why


Medium – Shock B

Author: Shock B

Curator of perspectives and such.

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