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Crewd Podcast #11: RIP NIP

Rest in heavenly paradise, Nipsey.


Move Makin’ Monday: 2/26/18 (Off-Screen)

Hello? Monday? Readers? Anybody? We byke! Yes, again, we missed last week’s installment in what is supposed to make this a weekly thing. However, it was President’s Day and seeing how we lack a sense of respect for the President around these parts I never really felt inclined to type shit last Monday. So I got drunk instead. Not gunna lie, great decision by me.

Wrong Side of the Bed

Hmmmm, where should I start with this one? Probably money. It’s always some shit with money.

1.) Bills are trash, garbage, basura, waste, Smush Parker. You get the idea. I currently am rolling over in my self-dug grave of financial instability as I watch myself take my hard-earned money and shoot it towards all my bills. I don’t deserve this. I slave away at work day-in and day-out. THEM HARD HOURS BO! Let a young guy get fly and live man :/

2.) Trump, the NRA and their stupid ass vision for a gun-toting future America. After the Parkland shooting we’ve seen the students from that fateful school bound together extremely well to create some upheaval in the mass-produced gun sector that has an enormous reach in terms of politics, economics, and now public safety. Trump and the NRA don’t like this. Which is fine cuz all them hoe ass people affiliated with both camps are some soul-less sellouts and could give two shits about the well-being of future generations. But the Millennials are on the up and up and these times are-a-changing. Slowly, but against the older generations’ will nonetheless.

3.) Hiking is a terrible, terrible thing. I wanna know who the first idiot was that decided it’d be a great idea to scale a fucking mountain and say “Hey, this is fun! Let’s make this commonplace!” Because I wanna beat their ass. Because of that notion, whenever they received it, I was deceived into believing going hiking yesterday would be a fun activity. Wrong. WRONG. WROOOOOOONG. The only time you don’t hate yourself for hiking voluntarily is when you reach the summit. Seriously, that’s the only time.

The Clock-In

Black Panther has done numbers and Wakanda is officially everywhere, forever. Wow. What a film man. You can tell the culture is gunna be on one for a hot minute because of this production, and rightly so. I have to admit I got around to the hype waaaay late and finally watched it to start my weekend. It was just as hype as I’d imagined it to be. Character portrayal? Flawless. Cinematography? Unreal. Cultural influence/utilization? Oh you already know, A1. Shoutsout to the entire cast and Ryan Coogler for directing an instant classic that has all but set the world stage on fire, as it has yet to debut in a few countries. The box office numbers when this thing goes global?? Pheeeeewwwww… let’s just say “BBBig!”

*Shoutsout Lavar Ball the GOAT*

Shifting lanes to sports, per usual, I stumbled across an interesting article documenting Demar DeRozan’s lifelong battle with anxiety and depression. It’s always sobering hearing about grand celebrities in the public sphere being so open about struggles of the common-person. It reels in our blissful idea that celebrity status and money can rid us of our ever-so-human mental strife. Although it was brief, Demar was incredibly candid about his demeanor, his reality, and ultimately what makes him the person he is today. As someone who can empathize in various aspects, it was comforting to read. Link provided here via Bleacher Report.

Speaking of anxiety… who likes where AI is headed? Everybody? Nobody? If you affiliate with the latter of those two statements then you probably don’t want to clue yourself in with this next article. In short (REAFFIRMING WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING FOREVER, THE ROBOTS ARE PULLING UP HOES AND WE GON DIE) it details a report by in-the-know minds of the tech world and AI specialists addressing all of the ways AI is advancing and coming to wreck the human race. Who’s responsible for all of this? Us, of course! It’s not like we have a genre of art and culture that could possibly outline a scientific prediction of the future in the form of loose fiction and teach us what we shouldn’t do in order to avoid a dystopian tech nightmare! How have we gone so long in this world without such a genre? Where is it? We need a guide! Here’s your death note courtesy of Dazed Digital. (A1 mag btw)

Setting the Pace

There’s not too much to look ahead to in terms of upcoming storylines, but we’ll try our best to prep a few this week.

Winter Has Gone – The Olympics, not the actual weather. Sorry East Coast (and apparently California??) Winding down a refreshingly intriguing Winter Olympics for a lot of people, including myself, Olympians are packing up the medals and heading home. The closing ceremonies have concluded and the medal tallies are rounding out. It’s been fun, but now I’m back to not caring about 94% of those sports.

DACA Stays, For Now – The Supreme Court ruled today that it will not hear Trump’s request to put an axe to DACA by March. What that means is that Dreamers still have a fight through the Fall. Good for the Dreamers who deserve their spot in this polluted American fabric, and shame on Trump for keeping up with the efforts. ‘Disappointed but not surprised,’ as the great meme says. Trump should have a field day on Twitter to commemorate the ruling.

Gun Control, Now? – The haze from the Parkland Massacre has lingering effects that look to induce real change going forward. Young adults with ties to the school and people simply looking to do the right thing have joined forces to put the political pressure on policy makers. And they want results now rather than later. It’ll be interesting to see how this continues to play out, as some small victories have been earned since the Valentine’s tragedy. Hopefully the adults pick up the slack on the “adulting” part of this crucial issue which the kids have had to champion themselves, so far.

What’s the Move?

You know how this goes by now. Holla at ya boy. Let us know exactly how you feel about anything. Literally, anything. We don’t care what it is. But we do care about you 😉 So kick the shit with us fine folks here at Crewd with any and all questions, comments, and concerns. We are your canvas. Now paint you beautiful people!

Thursday Thoughts: 2/22/18

Another Thursday is winding down, and per usual, it’s time for some reflection. Today I was able to browse through a few things that enlightened the processes in the part of the brain that is my conscious mind.

These were long form interviews for the most part that were able to gauge the pulse of society and culture at certain checkpoints in the past and present day. Thoughts and ideas for a progressive mindset, but also an objective magnifying glass for topics that require subjective reflection.

In an effort to avoid spewing opinions on the subject matter, and spoiling the uniqueness of each discussion as a whole, I’ll get straight into providing the videos that crossed my path today. Much respect to the late great mind that was Tupac Shakur, and much respect to the enigmatic curator of lifestyles, Nipsey Hussle. Make sure you peep that Victory Lap by Nip, it goes a long way in tying together his interview.

Tupac Shakur – 1992

Tupac Shakur Interview From Prison

Nipsey Hussle Breakfast Club Interview

Thursday Thoughts: 2/15/18

Lack of Peaces

I can’t share until I know

I can’t be a devotional soul until I know

I can’t align with the words until you see how I spell

Until you know how I read

I can’t make priorities out of attractions

Not until I know

I need to know that you know

You have to know how I ache

How I hollow out when the circumstances overwhelm my system

You have to know my sadness and what it looks like

Because for me it camouflages in plain sight

You have to know the battles I fight to lose

You have to know I want to play to win

You have to know the real me

We have to know we deserve it

We have to know harmonies

We have to know how to lose time

And we have to know when to rob each other blind

For our emotions

For our sanity

This is all stuff I don’t know

This is all stuff that I want to know

I’m for me right now and I know it’s wrong to the degree in which I embody it

I don’t want me all to myself

I know I want only the pieces back when they get all strung out

I want to know what strung out is with your pieces in my hand knowing my work will never do your purest form justice

We can play so much

With all my pieces

But I won’t share until I know

I didn’t know I can’t share

And I don’t know why


Medium – Shock B

Thursday Thoughts: 2/8/18

Like it was stated in the introduction, not everything on this site is supposed to be one thing. Everything is accepted and welcomed for expression. The site is a canvas and is a welcoming to all things that derive from thought. It’s been sports and podcast heavy since the takeoff, with a few things sprinkled in here and there, but ultimately the world has many different gears. All of those gears are used to drive the car, and the users and contributors provide the fuel. With that being said, another weekly addition will be added to the site, mainly for artistic or reflective, thought-provoking purposes. Or simply personal expression. It’s called Thursday Thoughts and I’d like to start it with my latest piece from a recent experience I felt inclined to pen.


She’s the type to change her songs halfway through, right after she hears her favorite part

She’s one of those people

Those are usually the worst type of people

Something tells me she’s the best type of person

The life off her lips is intoxicating

Potent even, under the spell of her painted haze

She created a living picture with no canvas

And did it effortlessly

Anxiety is a bitch but somehow she put it in its place with only a few words

The walls were extravagant

Soul decorum

Painted with that energy of one that she was so eager to school me on

A room that felt like home in a location with no address and not a shred of evidence for time

An infinite energy that caressed my psyche

Couldn’t tell how

Don’t know why

But I did know her

Even though I didn’t

We were screenwriters for a movie never meant to see a screen, but still meant to be sceene

In all honesty

She set the pace, I just treaded water in the midnight oil we used to paint

And I can’t swim

But somehow I floated

Her words were a million miles a minute

Based on her past

It seemed like she could fit her million miles traveled into one minute and still be ready for the next 10 million

She exists in an area code so foreign to me

Yet somehow it’s familiar

Ecstasy is in her blood as she’s surrounded by dopamine

Her highs are as low as one can get

In the best way possible

It felt as if we could have created string theory with our thoughts that night

Till forever was yesterday

And time was as perishable as money

But my money forced me to my sobering home

For a test of tomorrow

My ecstasy was gone but I never felt sad

Only happier for having it ignited

If only for a few hours in this living canvas

She was ready for the next song

I was still seeing music in the picture I took

And with no energy

I felt all of it with one flash

She had the best taste in music

She is the best type of person

Jordin M. S.

This particular piece can be found here along with a full slate of previous work here.

Check it out. See what you like and what you don’t. If ever you have any personal submissions you’d like to put up be sure to let us know. This space is as much yours as it is ours. Thursday’s are for thoughts.