Crewd Podcast #5


Thursday Thoughts: 2/22/18

Another Thursday is winding down, and per usual, it’s time for some reflection. Today I was able to browse through a few things that enlightened the processes in the part of the brain that is my conscious mind.

These were long form interviews for the most part that were able to gauge the pulse of society and culture at certain checkpoints in the past and present day. Thoughts and ideas for a progressive mindset, but also an objective magnifying glass for topics that require subjective reflection.

In an effort to avoid spewing opinions on the subject matter, and spoiling the uniqueness of each discussion as a whole, I’ll get straight into providing the videos that crossed my path today. Much respect to the late great mind that was Tupac Shakur, and much respect to the enigmatic curator of lifestyles, Nipsey Hussle. Make sure you peep that Victory Lap by Nip, it goes a long way in tying together his interview.

Tupac Shakur – 1992

Tupac Shakur Interview From Prison

Nipsey Hussle Breakfast Club Interview